The Network of Atoms is the business consultancy of creative industries specialist Florence Magee.

Florence Magee (née Harmelin) is a business trainer and mentor for the creative and cultural industries. She focuses on Strategy, Finance and Management, helping creative people build profitable, well run businesses that can grow. Florence’s expertise lies in her ability to bring together the realities of working in the creative sector and demanding business concepts in a way that is engaging and relevant for creative professionals and students.

Florence gives lectures and workshops on Strategy, Business models, Financial Management, & Business Management for students and professionals. She trains & mentors designers and makers with Design and Craft Council Ireland and has published a number of articles on business support in the creative industries.

Able to move fluently between the demands of business and of creativity, Florence is passionate about developing better business learning and tools, improving the livelihood of the sector, and preserving the creative and cultural ecosystem of our cities.